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Having been around a while, Commonside has had its share of having different members drift in and out, bringing their unique abilities and styles. Nowadays, the rocking ensemble gives a unique experience with both performance and general conversation, sharing a laugh and just being a bit silly!

So, About Us....: About


Guitar & Vocals

"My name is Andy & I play guitar a little bit. I started this band just after the turn of the century! I used to have short hair, now it’s longer. I like bands that play guitars, but not stuff like death metal or messy punk! I’m hoping to write the perfect song one day, even though we have a tonne of cracking tunes already!"

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Lead Guitar

"Hey hey, I’m Matt! I play one of the guitars in the band. I’ve been playing on and off since I was about 10, and have never taken it (or anything else) too seriously, but I get by alright. My guitar playing is very pop punk oriented, influenced by bands like; Bass Drum of Death, Together Pangea, FIDLAR and (of course) Blink 182."

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Bass Guitar

"Hey! I'm the love-child of Phil Lynott and Lionel Ritchie!"

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"So....As you now know, if not already, I play the drums in the band. You might not be able to see me behind the drums, but I'll try to make some noise so you know where I am! 

I didn't learn to play the drums as a kid. I learnt piano at a young age and gradually made my way to drums. I also taught myself how to play the guitar. Been playing the drums and guitar since 2008....Such a long time already!

My main drumming influences come from Neil Peart (Rush), Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters).

Anyways, I'll pipe down now, and I'll be bashing those skins at the next show!"

So, About Us....: Image
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